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December 2013

It has been such a busy year. I’ve been visiting schools and libraries, to spread the word about my new series ‘The Abominators’.
I’ve also been busy with my other work (I am a freelance copywriter). I write leaflets, websites and publicity for businesses in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, which helps to pay the bills.

Once a week I go into the Clare Foundation in Saunderton, near High Wycombe where I am ‘writer in residence’. This means that I help the charities under the roof of the Clare Foundation with writing as and when they need my help.

In the last year I’ve worked with Ategi Shared Lives, 4C Buckinghamshire, Map Action among other charities. Right now I am working with Deafax, a wonderful charity that develops new technology to make life easier for the deaf community.

The fantastic thing about working with different charities is that I learn so much about their work and about the community in which I am living. It makes you feel part of the wider community when you get involved with the work that is going on. I’d recommend volunteering to anybody who would like to give back and to enjoy a real sense of belonging and well-being.

So another year is nearly over, and who knows what 2014 will bring for us all. Great things, and much happiness I hope.
I wish you well, and hope that you have a good Christmas. ‘Diary of a Parent Trainer’ ends on Christmas day, and many people have recommended it as a heartwarming Christmas read for girls aged 11-15.

If you would like more news, I now have a blog. You can find me on
I also guest blog on a monthly basis on

February 2013

Since I last wrote the latest news, I’ve moved house! This was so time consuming and disruptive (though worthwhile as we needed to move) it’s my excuse for being quiet for a while.

However, now that I am feeling more settled, I can share some great writing news. I have a series of three brand new books for the age 7-12 age group coming out in 2013. The first is just out, and the next two follow in May and September.

Published by Little Brown Young Readers (see ‘The Abominators and My Amazing Panty Wanty Woos’ is on bookshelves across the UK right now. It’s in all the great independent local bookshops, it’s in W.H. Smith, and it’s on the tables in Waterstone’s under the ‘buy two, get one half price’ offer.

That’s not all. It’s on Amazon, and it’s also on Kindle from 8th February, for just £2.99!

All I can do now is wait to see if people like it. Which is the scary, crazy-making part.

As Julia Bertagna of The Guardian put it so well:

 “The hardest thing a writer has to learn is that once you publish a book, it's no longer truly yours – even though it's got your name on the front and it lives inside you. It belongs to the readers now. All you can do is steel yourself as you push it out into the world, stay gracious, and get busy with the next one.

And if you can't stand the heat of the blogosphere – don't Google yourself.”

So I am keeping busy. I’m going into quite a few schools to talk to children about The Abominators, which will be great fun. I’ve got freelance work to get on with...and I need to paint the living room.

I have recently started to work with ‘The Clare Foundation’ ( The foundation runs a Charity Centre, sharing space and facilities with a group of very interesting and worthwhile charities – including the ‘Child Bereavement Charity’, ‘Shared Lives’ and ‘MapAction’. I’m acting as ‘writer in residence’ one morning a week, helping out with writing of all kinds. It’s a bit of an experiment, for them and for me, so watch this space.

March 2012

Hello everybody. You are looking exceptionally attractive, I must say. And of course you are also very intelligent and discerning, if you are interested in ‘Diary of a Parent Trainer’ or ‘My Big Fat Teen Crisis’.

Evil snowman!

Here is a picture of the ‘evil snowman’ we made when it briefly snowed.

Could have sworn that every time I looked out of the window, it was slightly nearer to the house… 

Jenny Smith

This is me, taken by the webcam, sitting in my study.

I was actually wearing a nice top and had brushed my hair so it seemed like a good opportunity to take a picture when I was looking close to human.


Finally, this is a picture of some feet doing a firewalk. Not my feet, although I actually DID do a firewalk this February and raised money for grief support charity SeeSaw.

I have to admit I was absolutely terrified, but it was OK in the end and I didn’t embarrass myself. Apart from when I was interviewed for local news afterwards and said it was ‘tingly’. I am now Mrs Tingly, and it serves me right.


So ‘My Big Fat Teen Crisis’ is OUT!!!!! And quite a few bookshops are pushing it in a big way, because they like the cover and they like the title.

All I need is for a few lovely people to read it now, and start to review it on the Waterstones, Amazon and WH Smith websites.

Apparently it’s all about the social media, so if you like it – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tweet and facebook post about it!

I hereby promise to blog on a regular basis. And tweet.