Jenny Smith
The Abominators - OUT NOW!!


Mucker, Boogster, Cheesy and Bob, also known as The Abominators, are the most mischievous characters you will ever have come across.

Their interests include chaos, mayhem and filling the school toilets with strawberry jelly.

Their interests definitely DO NOT include making friends with panty-wanty-woo-wearing new boy, Cecil Trumpington-Potts.

Cecil, however, is certain he can change their minds . . .

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Dressing her cat as a gangster, laughing uncontrollably at things, pretending to be a vegetarian to impress the new boy in class, finding goats funny... welcome to the world of Sam Wallis.

While this is a funny novel, there is a serious side too. Sam is bullied online by a girl in her class at school who is jealous of her, the bullying continues until the bully goes just one step too far, when Sam’s friend Lucy (who has cerebral palsy) also becomes her target. By showing cyber-bullying happening to a central, very likeable character like Sam, the book encourages girls to see that the problem is always with the bully, NOT the bullied.

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A must-read novel for anyone requiring tips on how to control their parents, written by (undiscovered) genius Katie Sutton.

Katie is an expert on operating Grown-Ups. She knows exactly how to get the best out of them, so she decides to write a guide to help the world's long-suffering teenagers do the same. But she soon finds out she is not as much of an expert as she thinks...

"Hilarious, touching and wonderfully original"

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My Big Fat Teen Crisis
Diary of a Parent Trainer